Monday, June 8, 2015

Lovely Linda

Honestly, it's not like I haven't been having lovely moments with equally lovely friends since I last posted... perhaps my tendency in being a tad tardy here is that I have been enjoying so much!

Whatever the reason, I'm here now!
Recently, I was able to spend such an enjoyable afternoon with the lovely Linda.  After meeting weekly over the last few years in Bible Study together, this new sister-friend of mine invited me over to her beautiful and hospitable home, where we dined alfresco and indulged in plenty of good conversation.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly...
such a treat!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friendship... Old and New!

Some of the sweetest times of shared friendship come without plans... at least on our part.
While out doing a little shopping Edna, Lisa and I met in a check out line.
Edna suggested going to Crumbs for a coffee, but Crumbs was closed.
So, I suggested a cold drink in The Garden.

It was a lovely time of shared friendship.
Old and new!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Gifts of Friendship...

Jane Ngui and I met for lunch yesterday.  What we had for lunch was really secondary, although I have to say that my 'main meal' of the day turned out to be a bird sized portion when it arrived and Jane's 'light salad' turned out to be gigantic! Thank goodness it wasn't the food that we had set our heart's upon, but rather it was just being able to spend time together and... chat and chat and chat.  If it hadn't been for the fact that I had a scheduled appointment in the late afternoon, I think we could have just packed up our things and taken the party to my backyard and continued on!  It was fabulous!

Later on in the day, Jane sent me a little message.  She had been looking through The Room to Grow and had seen pictures of Makenna and was prompted to share this...

Cathie...did you know that Makenna in Kikuyu, one of the dialects from Kenya (happens to be mine) means "One who is always happy or smiling..."

What a lovely gift Jane gave me today, the gift of spending time together and the gift of the Kikuyu meaning of my granddaughter's name.  Thank you Jane!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Littlest Friend...

I know that Miss Daisy is my granddaughter,
but what a delightful friend she has turned out to be!

She just tickled me recently when she stated...
"Gramma... I know I'm s'pose to love you...

And therein lies the true delight of any true friendship...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Companions Are Listening For Your Voice...

Earlier this week, I had just spent a lovely morning and afternoon with my daughter-in-law.
Upon arriving home I saw that my friend Linda had left a message reflecting her desire to get together with me for an impromptu Bible Study... to occur sometime before Friday!

The way my week was beginning to shape up, 
I knew that if this was going to happen before Friday,
Linda was going to have to get together with me within the next 20 minutes!
She was game, I quickly ate a pear,
and headed out the door, Bible tucked into my Book Bag.

Our time together was spent in Linda's Playhouse,
which is snuggled beautifully into a corner of her garden.

Once I had found my comfy spot, 
Linda took this picture with my i-Phone.
I forgot to return the sentiment.

So... here is a picture fresh off Linda's Blog,
of where Linda sat across from me,
as we spent time within the garden,
enjoying fellowship with one with another,
and with God and His Word.

O you who sit in the gardens,
My companions are listening for your voice -
Let me hear it!
                                                Song of Songs 8:13

This was the verse that Linda presented me with and I loved it!
I began to ponder out loud the implications for us as God's children.
Here is just one of my ponderings...

The very first garden, the garden of Eden, was the perfect garden -
this is where God chose to place the first man and woman, Adam and Eve.
 This was the garden in which they enjoyed the unbroken presence and fellowship of God.

After the fall of man, Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden,
and we have been trying to get back ever since.
All mankind now live in a fallen garden... far from the perfect garden of Eden.

The above verse, from the Song of Songs, is spoken by the bridegroom.
We know from His Word that our heavenly Bridegroom is Christ,
and that the church is His bride.

It is spoken to His bride, to His church,
letting her know that His companions are listening for her voice.
Individually, Linda is a companion of God, just as I am.
On this particular day she had invited me into her garden,
and was listening for my voice,
just as I was listening for hers.

But here's the thing... 
the companions of God may be listening for each other's voices,
just like Linda and I -
but our heavenly Bridegroom is also eagerly awaiting to hear our voices as well!
Not only that, but because He has placed His Holy Spirit within us,
and given us His Word,
our voices are to reflect His voice to us...
and I believe with all my heart that this was truly what transpired that day!

We leisurely took our time as we looked into God's Word,
the hands of the clock sweeping the hours by.
I left rejoicing in the knowledge that those who are truly the companions of God,
are always listening for the voices of His other companions,
and that God is telling us 'lift up your voices and' "Let Me hear it!"

There is so much to learn from this verse,
I love the next verse which rewards the request of the Bridegroom,
when the bride says, "Hurry, my beloved..."

While we live in this garden below,
longing for our heavenly garden to be revealed,
let's fill our particular corner of this garden with Life giving voices that nourish,
voices that encourage, voices that refresh the companions of God...
knowing that all the while it delights our God to hear it!
And beckons Him, our Beloved, to hurry...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Teddy Bears, Bumblebees, Princesses and Fairy Tales

While out shopping with Mommy and Gramma,
Makenna came across a large pink flower.

this Little Miss, within hours, 
had wonderously transformed into...

... a Bumblebee!

Gramma and Makenna had made a date for the Town Library's "Teddy Bear Evening"...
 and had invited Sophia and her Gramma Linda to join us.

So with Teddy Bears in tow, and dressed as story book characters, we settled in for a puppet show entitled "The Paper Bag Princess" and lots of singing and dancing!

At the end of the evening,
the girl's received stamps on their hands...

It was a Teddy Bear and a Fairy Tale Castle,
but honestly, the way they are showing them,
it looks like we had attended the fights!

After the stamps had dried,the girls headed over to the Learn and Read computers,to listen to 'Barney' and 'Green Eggs and Ham'

All in all,
it would seem that the evening was a hit!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Harvest of Friendship

Makenna received a lovely invitation to Sophia's 3rd Birthday!

The day arrived...
sunny and clear, crisp and very much with a Harvest theme!

There were pumpkins to design, 
treats to eat, 
crayons to color with,
and a lovely garden in which to play and discover.

The Birthday Cake was created with cupcakes,
shaped into a tiered design,
fit for a princess!

The Birthday Girl took her place,
amid all of her gifts...

and she not only received,
but gave as well,
as she eagerly handed out gift bags... 

and pumpkins to her 'courtiers' in return for her own lavish bounty!
Here is Makenna awaiting to receive her very own pumpkin from Sophia...
Harvest Time indeed!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Budding Friendship

There is something so sweet about friendships...
 'in the bud'.

When two are brought together,
 by two other hearts, 
already in the fragrant bloom of deep friendship.

This is what has happened with Makenna and Sophia.
Two little girls just beginning a friendship,
that has its origins in their grandma's friendship.

Two little hands joining together in a common effort...
the making of muffins for afternoon tea!

aahhh... the sheer joy of licking the Spoon!

...and the satisfaction of the rewards of their labours!

Afternoon tea (milk) and a few lovely muffins,
just warm from the oven...

certainly make the beginnings of a warm and sweet friendship.


Two little girls,
now feeling a little more familiar with each other,
are ready to play!

 Sharing Teddy Bears...

Twirling and Dancing and gettin' down...
to the Beatles!

Playing with colours, letters and blocks!

And then it was time for a fond farewell.

A budding friendship is sweet indeed!