Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Harvest of Friendship

Makenna received a lovely invitation to Sophia's 3rd Birthday!

The day arrived...
sunny and clear, crisp and very much with a Harvest theme!

There were pumpkins to design, 
treats to eat, 
crayons to color with,
and a lovely garden in which to play and discover.

The Birthday Cake was created with cupcakes,
shaped into a tiered design,
fit for a princess!

The Birthday Girl took her place,
amid all of her gifts...

and she not only received,
but gave as well,
as she eagerly handed out gift bags... 

and pumpkins to her 'courtiers' in return for her own lavish bounty!
Here is Makenna awaiting to receive her very own pumpkin from Sophia...
Harvest Time indeed!

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