Friday, September 10, 2010

Budding Friendship

There is something so sweet about friendships...
 'in the bud'.

When two are brought together,
 by two other hearts, 
already in the fragrant bloom of deep friendship.

This is what has happened with Makenna and Sophia.
Two little girls just beginning a friendship,
that has its origins in their grandma's friendship.

Two little hands joining together in a common effort...
the making of muffins for afternoon tea!

aahhh... the sheer joy of licking the Spoon!

...and the satisfaction of the rewards of their labours!

Afternoon tea (milk) and a few lovely muffins,
just warm from the oven...

certainly make the beginnings of a warm and sweet friendship.


Two little girls,
now feeling a little more familiar with each other,
are ready to play!

 Sharing Teddy Bears...

Twirling and Dancing and gettin' down...
to the Beatles!

Playing with colours, letters and blocks!

And then it was time for a fond farewell.

A budding friendship is sweet indeed!

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