Friday, March 25, 2011

Teddy Bears, Bumblebees, Princesses and Fairy Tales

While out shopping with Mommy and Gramma,
Makenna came across a large pink flower.

this Little Miss, within hours, 
had wonderously transformed into...

... a Bumblebee!

Gramma and Makenna had made a date for the Town Library's "Teddy Bear Evening"...
 and had invited Sophia and her Gramma Linda to join us.

So with Teddy Bears in tow, and dressed as story book characters, we settled in for a puppet show entitled "The Paper Bag Princess" and lots of singing and dancing!

At the end of the evening,
the girl's received stamps on their hands...

It was a Teddy Bear and a Fairy Tale Castle,
but honestly, the way they are showing them,
it looks like we had attended the fights!

After the stamps had dried,the girls headed over to the Learn and Read computers,to listen to 'Barney' and 'Green Eggs and Ham'

All in all,
it would seem that the evening was a hit!

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